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About The Plan

What’s Happening

The two Parishes of Churchdown and Innsworth have got together to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). Representatives from the two Parish Councils along with some local residents will form a Steering Group to oversee this. Some modest funds have been secured and bodies like Action for Market Towns are advising us. Everyone will be kept informed of progress and we will make sure that everyone has the chance to give their views consider and influence the development of the Neighbourhood Development Plan which is due to be completed by October 2015.

Why All These Plans – Where Ours Fits In ?

Two major plans are being prepared which will influence new housing, development and development generally in our area. These are the Joint Core Strategy (for Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury districts) and the Tewkesbury Borough Local Plan The latter is more detailed and is being prepared because Tewkesbury’s Plan needs updating.  The JCS and the Tewkesbury Borough Plan will be finalised later in 2014.  The current planning regime, especially the Localism Act, allows for Neighbourhood Development Plans to be produced.  By preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan we have the best chance to influence the Joint Core Strategy and to link to and add detail to the Tewkesbury Borough Plan.  Our NDP could also influence other policies and plans which affect this area in the future, so it is a chance for us to say what matters about the environment and quality of life in this area, and how we think other plans and policies should take note of this.

Preparing Our Neighbourhood Plan

We need to try and keep step with the timetable of the JCS and the Tewkesbury Borough Plan to influence them as best we can and to be in line with their emerging policies.  During 2014 we will assemble evidence and then develop our own ideas on the pressures and the opportunities for this area, especially covering major planning issues such as housing, Green Belt, flood and water management, traffic, and the character of our buildings and our landscape that we wish to see protected and reflected in any changes.  This will mean several meetings, workshops and specific groups of people tackling these different topics, and we will bring them together for the draft and then the final Neighbourhood Development Plan during the summer and early autumn of 2015.

Would You Like To Help?

We’d welcome additional help from anyone in the two parishes. Your input could be in the form of …

  • Participating in meetings. These will be run so everyone can be involved – you don’t need any specific knowledge or experience.
  • Contributing to tasks on the major issues for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  • Helping us keep organised, such as maintain an email list, or distribute newsletters
  • Prepare refreshments for meetings!